This is a blog full of Great Cheats and Random Stuff!

© The Worldly Press ©

Hi there! Welcome to the worldly press! On this page, we will have updates about both Fantage and our blog and our plans for this blog. This page is like a news press.

I’m the editor and chief Pookie and the reporters are Me and Shine. If you copy then you will face the consequences… Enjoy!

The Worldly Press: First Edition

“Well, we lied about a lot of things. Such as the ‘training for 5 years’ and we’re truly sorry. And, we didn’t have a plan then, so that’s why I lied. I tried to trick Pookie, and scare her, but I couldn’t. I was such a fool. I surrender”

Thanks for telling the truth, Shine. I guess one day you can be nice like us Nyan Cats! And we didn’t really have a plan either. At any rate, we surrender also.

Joke: Why did the ants dance on the jam jar? It said “Twist to open”!

Riddle: What has a head and a tail, but no body? A coin.


Quote: Dream through your life, but don’t live in your dream. ~Anonymous

 The Worldly Press: Second Edition

I want to thank shine for all her hard work for being a replacement for Pollee. I really wanted her to stay but I guess sometimes things won’t work the way you want it to. Well anyways, thanks again.

Joke: What was spongebob’s favorite day of the week? Friday.

Riddle: What has a foot but no legs? A snail.



Quote: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Plans for this blog!

  • To get 40,000 hits
  • Do more giveaways
  • Do more Posts
  • Add better Accounts

Updates on this blog and Fantage

  • This Page
  • Orion’s Rare Finds
  • New Facebook Page


  • Stop banning the accounts in the account page or I’m talking it down

Hope you enjoy our Newspaper!

~Pookie-Chan ^~^



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  1. Great idea

  2. Thank you, too Pookie and Pollee!

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