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★ The Fantagian of the Month ★

Hey guys, Pollee here! This is our new page! THE FANTAGIAN OF THE MONTH! Here, we will feature a hard-working and fun fantagian every month! If you want to be next month’s fantagian, log on lots, be polite, resolve issues and advertise!

Well, let’s go!

Akinabear! Even though she is new to fantage world guide, she is nice and funny and it was her idea to make this page! Thanks, Akinabear!


This is another blogger!
She is very nice and loyal. Good job!



She is one of our loyal and faithful moderators!

She’s super nice and funny.

She has a great fashion style.



Comments on: "★ The Fantagian of the Month ★" (34)

  1. Shine-Bright(≧◡≦) said:

    Congragulations, Akinabear! 🙂

  2. SnivyS211 said:

    great job akinabear!! 🙂 😀 and welcome again to worldguide its great meeting new people!

  3. Brianna8809 said:

    Akinabear,you are awesome you were meant to be FANTAGIAN Of THE MONTH u are funny kind smart and pretty! keep up the good attitude!
    p.s Welcome To Fantage World Guide! Im Brianna8809

    My Real Name:Mia_Batista ~Bri Bri

  4. i wanna be fantagian of the month
    my user name is jazmar

    • polleeawesome said:

      Well, okay, but you have to have a reason. Here’s some questions for you to answer:
      1. how long have you been using this blog?
      2. why do you want to be fantagian of the month?
      3. what have you done that makes you different?

      • 1. april1
        2.bekuz im a non an i feel really small other than all the mems that make fun of nons
        3.i made a event at my house on january 3 on the first server every year to protetst that mems and nons are even bekuz they are both humans an being a mem is not everythin.~lilac
        p.s.(she is awesome)

  5. Anjoo😝 said:

    I want to be fantagian of the month too 😀
    1. I just discovered this amazing blog today ( The 30th of May 2013)
    2. I really want to be fantagian of the month because I want to be recognised for something, rather than being just a number, I want to be seen as unique and as a person.
    3. There are a lot of things which make me stand out compared to other people- I’m completely trustworthy ( seeing as I earn stuff for my fantage friends all the time on their accounts) and I pride myself on being nice to everyone ( especially those who are new to fantage) as well as being random 😄

  6. Anjoo😝 said:

    Oh, and Akinabear: CONGRATULATIONS 😄😄😄
    🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈-> There’s your gifts xD

  7. Hey i might wanna meet u owners one day xD

  8. Can I be the fantagian of the month? If not thats totally fine and I understand. XOXO

  9. hi cool site how do u make sites like this with all the color and stuff

  10. ELLO! i really like ur blog, really colourful (BLINGEE) SO i was wondering if i could be fantagian of the month ? PWEETY PLEASE if not thats ok 😀

    • polleeawesome said:

      sounds fine!
      Just answer the questions, then find some way to get us a photo of yourself.

  11. Shine-Bright(≧◡≦) said:

    1. I have been using this blog for about 4-7 months 2. I want to be Fantagian Of The Month because I feel like I MIGHT deserve something like this because I’ve studied for almost every up-coming test I’ve had and I’ve tried my best to give people good advice. 3. What makes me different is that I try to give everyone help and ideas that will help blogs and drama problems. That’s why I want to be Fantagian Of The Month

  12. 1. I don’t remember when I used this blog ( which was for a really long time )
    2.I want to be Fantagian of the month because: mostly,I support nons even though I am a member,I always try to turn that frown upside down for everyone, & I am always loyal to my friends & everyone that lives on this awesome planet;I never leave anyone hanging. 😀
    3. I stand out from the rest ; Whenever someone is new on Fantage I ALWAYS give them a tour around the place & give them advice on what to do & since they are new they will need a prize so I give them limited items for anything that they don’t need as a part of my kindness and generosity! 😀

  13. Oh I remember how long : 6-12 months

  14. SnivyS211 said:

    Lol pollee! xP Thanks again (if this was a b-day present) Thanks! 🙂 😀

  15. Congrats winners, happy 4th of July 🙂

  16. Ugh hi I’m Kristin but I can’t play fantage all day so mete me at Thursday 10:00 p.m if u can stay that long my user iss koolcatrockz well I like accs but I got a good one here are more rares: u:michaelt19 p:mikey1978 u:step_up_ p:sadan u:zachary16 p:zachary16 u:pinkcamera p:15987463 plz post this here and meet ya at Thursday 10:00 mysterious island! XDDD

    • polleeawesome said:

      A) Fill out the questions -_-
      B) Put free accounts in the donations box. Are you trying to bribe us?
      C) We’re busy too, please try to arrange something with us on XAT
      Mkay, Bai

  17. I wish I could be a Fantagian of the month, but I’m a non and I have NOTHING, but I try…

  18. bluedolphin246 said:

    hi pollee I love this blog and I am new to word press.
    I would love to be fantagian of the month.
    I help peeps if there having personal issues on fantage. Lots of peeps think im funny in real life but maybe I haven’t relized it in fantage.

    Anyway I would like to meet you on fantage.

    you can pick time server and that stuff.

    (by the way I am a non and name is bluedolphin246)

    (just sayin’)


  19. Theresa7897 said:

    When is the August fantagian of the month will come out?

  20. hi, i want to be fantagian of the month, my user name is akmbem9
    1 i have been using this blog for one year and i have been on fantgae for 2
    2 i don’t know well i just think maybe it will give me some more fantage friends and fantage love because once i was cheated on .
    3 well, i help people find their way around fantage I’m not mean to non mems[ some people are just like go away you loser ] i also trade fair and i stick up for people.


  22. Hey im Aisha Bomcute2 on fantage um.. so hi! actually i had a idea to make a page where WE CAN like tell you our disscusing information like we tell about our selfs but don’t like share anything private and you approve it and we can also tell you we have registered this website
    good idea right?, Aisha

  23. Amira Slaoui said:

    i want to be fantagian of the month because im so loyal to fantage i play every day im a member my name is lovie2265 please think about it and if im the fantagian of the month i will be so thankful.

  24. Amira Slaoui said:

    Hi guys i love fantage and i thought you guys should start putting things about whats going on in fantage and and show pictures of really cool things going on! that would be
    awesome! Dont ya think?

  25. Amira Slaoui said:

    I should be fantagian of the month because i have been on the blog for about two years I stand out on fantage because if there is new people on fantage i show them around and friend them. I want to be fantagian of the month because im tired of just being another
    fantagian i wanna be noticed for what im really all about you know for who i am.

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