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☄ Past Contests ☄

This is where we post our old contests. We can’t keep them ALL on the contests page, can we? For more recent contests, or contests that are still in session, check out our contests page.

First Contest

Our first contest is a fashion design contest! Vote for our next contests at the poll page!

Rules for Fashion Design Contest:

1. You must TELL happy and I that you want to be in it and we will add you. If you do not, you are not included.

2. Design a new outfit, board, accessory or whatever else you want to add on the template below. Keep in mind the dressing limit, which is one head/neck/face  accessory and one hand/arm. Make sure to add at least one thing purple and one thing yellow.

3. Try your hardest and have fun!

4. Email your creations to

5. And, YES, you may do multiple entries, but please, not so much.

6. We will answer and pick the winner. The prizes are the following: FIRST PRIZE: owner for a day and 2000 eCoins   SECOND PRIZE: 6000 stars   THIRD PRIZE: moderator for a week                                       Screenshot_8

6. Have fun!!!! FUNN!!!

Hey, guys. Since it is May first, we are going to put a due date. We will need your fashion designs by May 10th (next Friday). We expect your designs by then and if they are not there, you will receive ONE extra day and lose one point. Happy and I will pick the winners then!

Pollee out!









– Shaly~Done

– _Saraa_ ~Done



Here are our entries so far:

-snivys :




– _Shaly_ Screenshot_2

– _Saraa_ Screenshot_1

– Shine-Bright Screenshot_14


It’s finally time to announce the winners! Drum roll, please! Here is the top three!

1. superstargirl1

2. shine-bright

3. sunnyday7777

Thanks for participating in our first contest! Winners, we will contact you for your prize!

Second Contest

Recolouring Contest

Hey Guys! Happy here ! We have a new contest RECOLOURING!!!!  To enter the contest you just need to comment below. Once, your done with your recolour you can send it to me at

How will I judge it?

– It’s needs to stand out

– Good choice of colour

– The neatness

– How well it looks

Here is the picture

For Girls:


For Boys:

For bonus:

-Do both of them

– Doing one of those and your own recolour

-Making it into a edit


– 3000 ecoins

-Being Moderator for a week

-Being Owner for 3 days

-Getting it posted on the “Artsy Stuff” Page

Good Luck!

~ Happy4423 ^~^



– Shaly~Done

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


-Tara ~Done


– Sarah~Done


Hey Guys! Sorry if I forgot to update this.Anyways,I’ll tell who won what.

First Place: Tara (3000 ecoins)

Second Place:Sarah (2000 ecoins)

Third Place:Shine (1000 ecoins)

I’ll inform you when I have ecoins!

~Happy4423 ^-^

Third Contest

Hey guys, Shine here. I will be hosting the next Contest! The Contest will be…. Story Making! You will have to create a story that involves anything

When you put in the story, you must write if it is a fiction or non-fiction story.

Your story will be judged on:

-Word spelling/Correct capitalization



You can earn EXTRA points by:

-Adding pictures

-Writing with expression (example: different fonts/different colors)


1st: 500 eCoins + Getting story on the Stories page

2nd: 200 eCoins + Owner for 5 days

3rd: Moderator for 3 days

Entries are due on July 10th.

Comment below to enter!

Email your entry to

Good luck! ^~^



Garfie and Tori’s Adventure!

Once upon an time in a land far away called Fantage.. There lived a magical fantagian called Garfie12394. She had a friend called Torivega861.(That’s me!)Anyways, one day they went together to the trade and sell. “Do you have frisky tori?”,Garfie asked. “No but I wish I did”,I said. We walked over to see what we could buy. “Man everyday these prices get more expensive” I said. “You can say that again” Garfie explained. “Okay, Man everyday these prices get more expense…” I repeated.” “No it’s just an expression” Garfie said. “Oh heh heh silly me”I said. Then something shined. I walked over to get it. I saw it was a ring. Two rings. “Oooo Shiny ring”I said.”Cool”Garfie said back. Garfie then put the ring on. I did also. A black hole appeared! We fell into the hole!”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”We both screamed. Then we landed.”Where are we?”Garfie questioned. “Candy land?”I said. We looked around. And then a surprise happened. “ IT IS CANDYLAND!’”I screamed. “But how?” garfie said. “It was a miracle from   the candy king!” I said. “Lets just get out of here so we can get back to fantage” Said garfie. “Okaii lets go”I said. While we were walking I grabbed all the food I could get until… “OOOOWWW MY STOMACH HURTS SO MUCH” I screamed. “Well you shouldn’t have ate so much candy”Garfie said “BUT ITS SO GOOD” I screamed again.  Then suddenly  Garfie’s ring started glowing. The black hole reappeared! She got sucked into it! I was about to jump into it when it closed… “What  let me in!” I kept screaming and screaming and screaming till the black hole returned and I went in it.Then suddenly we were back were we started. We threw the rings off. “NEVER TAKE WHATS NOT YOURS!!!!” we both screamed. Everyone inside the trade and sell stared at us and murmered. We just ran outside  and never got the rings again…. THE END!

Mimi~Not done

Diamond~Not done

Adiba~Not done

Tara~Not done


A Friendship Going Uphill 

There were two girls. One, named Audrey Calvin, and the other, named Sara Myers. The two girls were very different from each other. Audrey, was the popular one in school. She had many friends, And was the teacher’s pet! Everyone Had to like Audrey, except for one person, and that person was… Sara Myers. Her nickname is Happy because she’s ALWAYS happy! She would always brighten up a room or someone’s day! She  NEVER had ANYTHING negative to say, not even to Audrey. Audrey was RICH but Sara, Sara was poor. But Saraa still had a lot of friends. Now everything was all topsy turvy until one school morning, “Oh my Gosh! Why is this UGLY LITTLE thing doing in MY school?!” Sara wanted to say something REALLY mean to Audrey. But, she couldn’t. It just wasn’t her.Now, these girls had dreams. They weren’t very simple, but it was what their heart wanted. Audrey’s dream was to become a model. She would be even RICHER and she would be very, famous. Sara, had many dreams! her first dream was to become a baker. She would sell fresh bread to all of the fantagians in Fantage! Her second dream was to become a reporter at Comet and CO. She LOVES taking pictures and telling the story of what is happening in those pictures. And her third and final dream was to make an organization to help poor kids and families in need. It would help them in three ways. The first way is giving them food. The second way is giving them shelter. And the third and last way was to give them a few dollars to get by and stay strong. Now that you know a few details about the two, why don’t we tell you the story. Sara and Audrey are in the 8th grade. This year, the year of 2013, they are graduating Miami Middle School next week. But this week, the school is taking ALL of 8th grade to Paris! Well, origionally the girls would be stoked. Well, they were, until they found out the seating scheduel. “I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE TO SIT WITH YOU FOR A 6 HOUR FLIGHT! This is your captain speaking, we will be on a 4 hour delay, sorry about that folks. 10 HOURS! WITH YOU! YOU BETTER NOT MESS THIS UP FOR ME SARA! YOU HEAR ME! How can I not hear you with all your yelling? And how could I mess this up for YOU? You’re RICH aren’t you? You can go to Paris whenever you want! OH, WHATEVER!” Later the food cart came by their seats.“Oh FINALLY! Some food has arrived. Okay, I shall take some cookies, milk, twizzlers, and a napk-Don’t order the whole cart! I WASN’T! I was just about finished ordering when you stumped me! I was asking for a napkin! Well it’s my turn to order now. Okay, I would like some milk, nachos, and a napkin please. I was only ordering so much so it would hold me over for the 10 HOURS! Well, I am going to order what I want now, and order more later, so my food doesn’t spoil.” 2 hours later.. “Zzzz.Audrey.. Audrey.. AUDREY! NOT MY PENGUIN! Oh, it’s just YOU. Well, you were asleep, probably dreaming about penguins. Hey, I want to ask you something. WHAT? Why are you so mean to me? And other people? -Sighs- You want the truth? Yes, I want the FULL truth to this. Okay, I’m only mean to you guys because that’s how popularity works. You have to be mean to be popular, that’s what makes me different. Audrey, you don’t have to be mean to be popular. I don’t? No, if you want to be different than all you have to do is be nicer, you are different just by being YOU. Really? YES, Really! I’m sorry. Sorry? For what? For not liking you. I’m the only one in the school who doesn’t . Oh, well, i’m sorry i was so mean to you. Umm.. do you.. maybe, umm.. I don’t know.. be friends? Hmm.. I’d love that!”And so, Audrey Calvin, and Sara Myers, Were friends till the end of their time. That’s not the end! HEY! Where are you going? That’s not the end! Read on! -5 years later- Audrey Calvin DID become a model! And Sara Myers forfilled her dreams! She made a Bakery called: Sara’s Fantage Cafe (SFC).She became a reporter for Comet and CO. And she made her organization! Called: The Children Foundation (TCF).

                                                                                     The End


Fantage Birthday Surprise
Once upon a time, in the world of fantage it was Pookie’s birthday. Everyone tried to fake to her that they forgot about it. Pollee woke up and rushed up and decided the whole plan. Pookie was still asleep at the moment. Pollee decided to invite their closest friends. They all agreed in the idea, but then Pookie woke up. She said “Hey guys, what’s with the freaked out faces. Everyone grew silent. Pookie began to become suspicious. So she ran up and checked the calendar. “What’s this?” she questioned. She found out it was her birthday, but she saw everyone act normal she began to question to herself. “Did they foet about my birthday?” She walked down the stairs and saw everyone “pretending to do their homework”. Pookie began to become sad. She walked out the door and everyone stopped the acting and planned out the party right on time. Pookie came back and everyone was gone. She began to become furious. Everyone came back and blind-folded Pookie. She became mad and screamed” Hey where you guys taking me you guys already forgot about my birthday!!” Everyone gasped. The room became silent…………………………………………………………. They each slowly took of the blind folds. Pookie looked up. She gasped and began to feel sorry. She got up and gave everyone a giant hug. “ I’m sorry for thinking you guys would forget my birthday I got so caught up on it I forgot about how much you guys were great friends. “You mean you forgot!!??”, everyone said.
Thanks for reading whoever you are! And now for……………… THE Main Characters
Pookie Pollee Thanks Again: SnivyS211
 Sorry about the delay. Anyway, the winners are…
1st place:  GARFIELD! Her story was “A Friendship Going Uphill”
2nd place is: Bubblez! Her story was ”Garfie and Tori’s Adventure!”
3rd palce is: Snivys! Her story was “Fantage Birthday Surprise”
Sadly, there has been a change in the prizes.
1st prize: 250 ecoins + Story on the Stories page
2nd prize:  100 ecoins + Special Mention on Home Page.
3rd prize: recolor or edit by Shine
Fourth Contest

Our next contest is VERY COPYRIGHTED. I came up with myself and if you copy it I will be very, very hurt. Don’t say that anybody ho works on this blog gave you permission because it’s not true.

Anyways, our next contest is a little bit tricky, but I think it is going to be really fun, so bear with me. Here we go:

Your next contest is designing an event on fantage.


1. Write a description of you event. Make sure to add details such as:

-when this event would happen

-what sort of games we would play

-what the decorations would be like

-which areas of fantage this would take place

-who would host this event

-why this event would be happening

2. Draw/make/paint a picture of the items that you could buy at your event, or win playing games at your event.


First place: Fantagian of the month for August and the password to the Specialty Club

Second place: Moderator (forever unless you are a really bad moderator)

Third place: The password to the Specialty Club

The due date is to be announced.


Finished Entries


Wild Goose Chase!
Host of event: Agent Scarlet
When: April 1st (April Fools)
Areas: Downtown, Uptown, Mt. Fantage, and Wizards Domain
Why: To have a literal WILD GOOSE CHASE!
Games: Wild Goose Run! (Directions) Use the right and left arrow keys to capture the floating goose into your basket! (Move right and left, you will be holding a basket as a goose floats down from the sky, and catch it inside of the basket) You have 3 lives, and 90 seconds for each round. Highest round #: 10
Prize for game: 120-500 stars (depending on score)
Agent Scarlet: Hello fellow Fantagian, bad news. We recently lost our pet goose; help us find clues to find our goose, please!
Clues: at Downtownat Mt. Fantage

Goose/Decoration: WILD GOOSE CHASE! at Downtown and Uptown at Wizards Domain (to the Dead End spot on the right)
Prizes: Feather Hat: for finding Feather clue, Beak:  for finding FootPrints clue, Grand Prize (for finding goose): 500 ‘s!

– Spark Chan (only doing part one)

Video game event
host: static
september 15 it would come out

It turns out Static wanted to go in the video game.
he goes to bed and the next day he ends up in a video game. some one played the game hes in and broke the remote! help him get out by finding the game parts!

Places: cranival,downtown,uptown and dock
then there will be a mini movie once u find all the parts
You get 500 stars and a shirt with pac-man on it.
members get a colorful hat and 1000 stars

There will be a mini game were u help static make it to the end of his game!
you just jump over the things and make sure u dont hit the little animals.

the banner would have game things like pac-man
(u know its on the downtown sign the little banner)

i really like video games so i hope this happens in the future.

-Bubblez1234 (only doing part one)

Hi my name is bubblez1234. Here is my entry.

“Water fight!”

Host of event: Michelle



Why:Michelle needs our help to wet the other people!

Games: Water throw!! Use arrows to move michelle. Use spacebar to shoot water at characters. Use up and down arrows to change item.(Watergun,Waterballoon,wateregg,and waterbuckets)

Décor: Lots and Lots of water!!

Find all the other people(Lily,Orion,Russel,Stella,Jester,Static,Agent Scarlet,Etc..)

And click on them when you find them to splash them!!

Clues,(Use their personalities to find them)

When you find everyone you get:

Photos not avaiable sorry : Splash tee, Water balloon, Water Bucket,Water Hair(girls),Water Hair(boys).


Thank you I hope you enjoy!!!

List of competitors

  •  paris princess
  •  Shine- DONE
  • bubblez1234-DONE
  • garfie12394
  • spark-chan-DONE
  • katie_2_0_0

Wow, no one entered this contest. I guess we’ll do a less-creative one next time. Anywho, here are the winners:

First place: Bublez1234

Second place: Spark-Chan

Third Place: Shine (I couldn’t give you the other prizes because you are an Editor here)



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