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♉ Who Broke Top Models? ♉

Who broke Top Models?

1. Go to Downtown, near Top Models and talk with Officer Russel (the police man).


(\    /)

( ‘ – ‘ ) Found the second! The 3rd is on the page with past contests.

(>   <)                                  

2. He will tell you to go look for evidence in Top Models. Go there, then find the rock under the office desk.


3. Pick it up, then take it to Officer Russel and talk to him.

4. Go to the wizard’s domain and talk to Tabitha, Orion’s little sister. She will tell you to collect a blue mushroom,a yellow flower,and pink coconuts.


5. The pink coconuts are at the beach, the yellow flowers are at the Carnival and the blue mushrooms are outside the Creature Arena shop.


6.After you give her the ingredients,  She will tell you that the criminal is outside the Grotto, so go there. You will see a magical gnome.


7. Click him, he disappears. Go back to Tabitha and ask her for help again. She will ask what’s in it for her, tell her Punch and Pie. It doesn’t matter what flavor pie (Pumpkin Pie).

8. The pie is in Star Cafe and the punch is on the picnic table at the beach. Pick them up and give them to Tabitha.  She will give you a list of ingredients to find.


9. She will tell you to get a net. Go to the Creature Arena shop and take the large one that is standing against the wall.Go tell Tabitha that you have the net. She will arrange to meet you in front of the Grotto. Go there.

10. She will already be there, and she has cast a spell over the magical gnome. You don’t need the net.


11. Go find Officer Russel and talk to him. He will give you a medal, and your game is over.



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