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☮ Help Page! ☮

Hey, guys! Welcome to our new page! I can help with:


-fantage (duh)

-schoolwork (No specific answers, I’m no cheater)

– technical stuff (I’m not very good with this, so we might need to ask the amazing Happy)

-anything else!

I will try to solve your problems as fast as I can. If I can’t solve them, I will be a shoulder for you to lean on. Bye! Pollee out!


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  1. SnivyS211 said:

    I think this is a great blog i mean its a great idea to help solve problems and help ppl out! 🙂 peace ~snivys211

  2. SnivyS211 said:


  3. Shine-Bright said:

    I have a drama issue at school. This one boy in my class is a real jerk, and he’s being rude to one of my friends *who’s a boy, not big relationship* in another class. They’ve been fighting for no reason. But the boy in my class started it! What do I do to help my friend?

    • polleeawesome said:

      Hi Shine-bright,
      Wow, what an issue! Why not talk to your friend? You could tell him he’s NOT what this mean boy is saying! You could also talk to the bully. Did you know that bullying is a very serious offense? There are many different kinds and it is NOT ok. I hope your problem resolves itself!
      Love chu,

      • Shine-Bright(≧◡≦) said:

        Hey pollee,
        I have talked to BOTH of them! My friend says that the other boy has been saying “Get out of the way, *my friend’s name*!!!!” Also, the jerk *the boy in my class* is a real…not gonna say it…and I can’t stop him! The boy in my class is a real jack-butt!

      • polleeawesome said:

        Dear Shine-bright,
        Instead of trying to stop the bully, how about trying to cheer up your friend? If he’s down because of the “jack-butt”, tell him a joke or compliment him!
        love chu,

  4. Shine-Bright(≧◡≦) said:

    Dear Pollee,
    Well, sorry, but…it’s getting worse. I’ve complimented him, I’ve told him VERY funny jokes, he doesn’t seem to be cheering up! AT ALL! I’m afraid he’s getting depressed. 😦
    Love chu 2,

    • Shine-Bright(≧◡≦) said:

      Dear Polle,
      Never mind about the problem anymore! The whole thing got worked out, and there’s nothing left over! Thanks for your advice and help. 🙂 🙂 😀 😀
      Love chu and your advice,

  5. well i got this crush in my school and his best friend said he likes me! im just shy to say i feel the same way i feel like i should say anything at all! please help!

    • Shine-Bright(≧◡≦) said:

      The exact same thing has happened to me. And I regret not doing the right thing. You need to tell him that you feel the same way. If you don’t, you may NEVER get the chance to be together! But before you do that, make sure that you know that he likes you.That’s why it took me awhile to make a decision. Good luck!

  6. Soooo at school one of this new kid is a dude and keep staring at me.I got brown hair and blue eyes.What’s so good about that?Anyway i’m the lead of nice pops and everyone knows me.And this ‘dude’ even follows me when i’m in the girls changing room after cheerleading.He didn’t really get inside(duh).I’m in his class and every girl has a crush on him(lol).WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!!?!?!?

    • polleeawesome said:

      Umm, do you like him back? If you do then, why not talk to him? If you don’t, just keep your distance and tell him you’re just not interested
      love chu,

  7. Ok, I have a friendship problem, there’s this boy in my class, Jacob, and I liked him, we kinda went out but not really, (long story) and my best friend KNOWS I love him, but we all went to the movies and she started flirting with him, she doesn’t know it but I’m extremely upset, mostly because he flirted back, I invited everyone to the movies and I was the third wheel. I don’t know what to do 😦

    • polleeawesome said:

      Dear laurenouo,
      TALK TO YOUR FRIEND!!!!! She may not have thought she was flirting. Make sure to speak with a gentle tone, but tell her how upset you are. Also, talk to Jacob. Try to tell him how you feel, but if that is too awkward for you, just act really nice and let him know (in an undercover way) that you like him. Just say you want to hang out more often, blah blah blah…
      sorry if this didn’t help…
      keep asking!
      love chu

  8. .:*・°☆Emily.:*・°☆ said:

    This is so nice CX~

  9. How do you do color text on a page or post on WordPress?

  10. Hi.
    This might be a strange question.I have noticed happy hasn’t been posting stuff lately and I want to know why.

    • polleeawesome said:

      Happy is still around and she still posts.
      I don’t understand why you would think that she is gone.

  11. bluedolphin246 said:

    well I told you it was strange

  12. bluedolphin246 said:

    hi again.

    I have a question about my account.

    so I remember my password but I went to my house one day and it was completly changed.everything was put to the side and I never changed my house.I fixed it all up but I still want to know who did it.

    it was not me and no one knows my password

    • polleeawesome said:

      This means you got hacked. Try changing your password, or emailing Fantage. Did they steal any items?

  13. bluedolphin246 said:

    no but they changed everything

  14. bluedolphin246 said:

    I dont know how to change it im only 9

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