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✺ FWG Points ✺

Hey everyone! Welcome to the FWG (Fantage World Guide) Club! We have many exciting and fun things in store for you. We have FWG points! (information below) with prizes/rewards, and we are going to make… A whole page just for club members! That’s right! You can have your own mini-profile on a separate page, just for YOU!

FWG points:

FWG points are for you to get rewards, and prizes, for helping out with the blog. If you’re a member, you know that you’ve helped with this blog a lot! 😉 And, randomly, we will let you use your FWG points to earn those prizes/rewards! Everyone who joins starts out with 15 FWG points. Good luck earning! 😉

You can earn FWG points by:

-Advertising the blog on Fantage. 10 points

-Helping us with posts, pages, etc. 15 points

-Entering contests 5 points

-Winning contests 50 points

-Giving us great ideas 10 points

-Donating items (Depends on how good the item is) 20 points

-Giving a FGC/UGC Card 100 points\

-Like every page 5 points

-Help a staff out when they need help (points decided by how big the task is)

Club members: Snivy, Garfie, Pinky,Ally (Vinita).

Club owners: Shine and Happy.







Angela- 15


CrazyMonkey11- 15

The prize give-away is still being decided.

Comment below if you want to join.

More will be added!


Comments on: "✺ FWG Points ✺" (33)

  1. bubblez1234 said:

    I wanna join

  2. I want to join but can I get some informations about the prizes and rewards and how much points we need to get a reward?

    • That will be based on the reward. Some rewards will be small things: recolors, edits, a shout-out. And some will be large: a week of being an owner(editor or admin), being Fantagian of the Month. The large things will most likely be from 45-100 points, and small thing will be 10-30 points.

  3. i wanna join ❤ I possibly could donate ugc's… MAYBE! not completely sure, But I will try.

  4. crazy monkey11 said:

    I’m happy’s buddy and i wanna join i could help with ideas and helping with pages!
    i think mayb more

  5. crazy monkey11 said:

    So what can i help you with?

  6. theresa7897 said:

    can i join?

  7. I’m also gonna follow your blog

  8. And i liked it

  9. Garfie12394 said:

    you guys should catch up, you ALL have 15, snivy’s doesnt count, she is not allowed on blogs anymore. Catch up, I BELIEVE IN YOU GUYS! 🙂

  10. crazymonkey11 said:

    i liked and im folowing u

  11. crazymonkey11 said:

    can i join your contest?

  12. crazymonkey11 said:

    i liked and followed ur blog

  13. crazymonkey11 said:

    and im gonna help with pages

  14. buddy123445 said:

    hiya! can i join? 🙂

  15. crazymonkey11 said:

    i wanna join

  16. CrazyMonkey11 said:

    Hi I liked your blog and i’m following it can i join?

  17. Chocolatefun said:

    Hi can i join i liked and followed your blog and ill help with posts

  18. crazymonkey11 said:

    Hi i liked and followed

  19. Theresa7897 said:

    Can I join? Please!

  20. i wnna join

  21. in have an idea for a page – maybe you could have a member of the week or something like that oh and i and advertising your blog on fantage right now

  22. *am

  23. wat kind of item can i donate? like a couple username and passwords to accounts or…..

  24. aaradhya12 said:

    I wanna join

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