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♉ Fashion Police ♉

HEY, FANTAGIANS! Stuck on this mission and need help? Well, what a happy coincidence! We can help you, and here’s another mission: FASHION POLICE! 

Definition: “Clothing has gone missing from all over Fantage! Uncover the mystery behind these missing clothes.”

Well, let’s get started! (Sorry if the pictures are a little small)

Click on Scarlet, and answer with the following questions: “Agent, we’re backed up with complaints of missing clothing! I’m assigning you to check it out.” Answer with “What’s my task?”

“Head to Le Shop and gather information. Then report back to me.” Answer: “Confirmed. Agent out!”

Got to Le Shop, and inside will be Michelle, Static, Kawaii, and Stella. Click on one of them.

Michelle: “Oh, you’re here! It’s terrible, clothes from my shop have gone missing!” Say “What about the other shops?”

Stella: “It happened to Stellar Salon too. As soon as I heard from Michelle I investigated the shops.” Say “Were there any clues?”

Stella: “I smelled burning metal in Sun Block.” Say “Metal in the tanning booth?”

Kawaii: “Everybody loves to tan, no matter who you are, it’s so much fun!” Say “What could this mean?”

Stella: “Maybe if it was a metal person… Hmm I have a hunch we could be dealing with robots. We’ll keep investigating.” Say “Thank you everyone. I’ll report this to Scarlet.”

Go to the Missions Center, and click on Scarlet.

Scarlet: “Welcome back agent. What did you find out?” Say “It seems the clothes we taken from the shops. Stella smelled burning metal, and thinks robots were involved.”

Scarlet: “What an interesting case. Robots, huh? This sounds to me like…” Say “Hmm?”

A red light will go off. Say “What’s that?”

Scarlet: “Agent that’s the alarm. There’s trouble at Top Models Inc. Meet me there!” Say “On my way!”

Head to Top Models Inc.

Click on Agent Scarlet. She will say “Quick agent, Top Models Inc. is being invaded. You have to stop it!” Say “An action mission! I got this.”

MINIGAME! Defend Top Models Inc.

Wait until the Progress Bar is completely full. The Special Power will remove all robots from the grid. The hair clip will destroy robots once they walk into it. The Hairdryer will slow them down. The Hair Spray will eventually reach the robots, and destroy them. Good luck!

(Sorry it’s small)

MINI GAME! Chase The Robots

You have 3 lives, and 60 seconds. If you get hit by a missile, you lose one heart, and if you don’t grab a piece of clothing, you also lose a heart. Good luck!

(Again, sorry it’s small)

You teleport to the Light House, and Dr. Finkelstein is waiting for you. Click on him.

Dr. Finkelstein: Not you again. You’re always trying to get in my way agent!

You: Give it up Finkelstein, your plan is ruined!

Dr. Finkelstein: How are you here? How did you get one of my robots?

You: Enough talk Finkelstein. You’re coming with us!

MINIGAME Defeat Finkelstein

Special Power: The special power will slightly hurt Dr. Finkelstein

Water:  Water defeats Wind and is defeated by Lightnin

Wind: Wind defeats Lightning and is defeated by Water

Lightning: Lightning defeats  Water and is defeated by Wind

Scarlet throws a wrench, the robot shoots red lightning out of his eyes, Dr. Finkelstein throws a robot cat, and you decide what you do.

At any time, Dr. Finkelstein can get a shield for a certain weapon you have. Maybe it’s Lightning? He’ll hold a shield with a lightning bolt on it, surrounded in yellow. 


Dr. Finkelstein is hurt badly. Click on him to talk again

Dr. Finkelstein: How could you defeat me?

You: Good will never lose to the likes of you Dr. Finkelstein. Now give yourself up!

Dr. FInkelstein: Well you’ve caught me. What is it you want to know?

You: Why did you steal clothes from the shops?

Dr. Finkelstein: It’s a long story, not one for you to hear.

You: Confess Finkelstein, we have time.

MINIGAME Shopping Spree

TO BE CONTINUED. (Sorry, I have an appointment, and I’m lagging)


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