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♣ Fantage Apps ♣

Fantage IDFone


1. Type in your username and password.

2. If you have wifi, you will log in to your IDFone.

3. You will not be able to see your items or home, just your IDFone.



*Coming soon*

Fishfish Lite


1. Choose a level.

2. Click play.

3. Hold to drop the fishing line, there are different versions of each level. Collect as much fish as possible in the time limit.

Wild Run


1. Click Play.

2. Choose a level, then a game.

3. Play! Jump and avoid obstacles, all while trying to survive and collect prizes.

What’s That Word


1. Log in.

2. Begin a game. It can be with email friends, fantage friends, or a random player.

3. If you created the game, you will start. You will pick a game and then you will choose a word and give hints to the other person about guessing the word.

4. If you don’t start, you will receive a package from the other player. You will have three hand-written hints and a jumble of words. You will try to guess the word, then you will make one for them.

Movie Battle


*Coming soon*


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  1. bubblez1234 said:

    In movie battle heres what you do. Pick a theme. Wait for the other player to join. Then Clips from movies show up. You have to touch the movie it is. Get four or five right. You go to bonus round. Its a little harder. You see the clips but… You have the put either the people who starred in it or when the movie came out. And thats all you need to know on how to play movie battle! Hope this helped! !!!Bubble on -Bubblez!!!

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