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✺ Copying And Crediting Page ✺

If you want to take an idea from our blog, you will need to use the following banner on your blog. You MUST put it on the TOP of your page or post. You may not EVER copy and paste ANYTHING on this blog, and if you take an idea that we have specifically said you cannot take, just do not…


Also please tag our blog. But WAIT before you leave the blog and copy things, here are the instructions! You have just found an idea that is EXACTLY  what you are looking for, in the blog! You hurry to this page and here’s what you do:

  1. Email us at, or my personal fantage email (Pollee’s) Tell us which idea you want to use, give us the link to your blog and provide screenshots (if possible). Try to be polite and use proper grammar, since you ARE asking permission to copy our ideas.
  2. We will respond with our answer: yes or no
  3. If the answer is yes, you make take the idea, but you must put the banner on the TOP of the page or post you are copying. Then, underneath the banner, put our blog link. Remember to embed the link. Do not EVER copy and paste ANYTHING.
  4. If the answer is no, drop the subject. If we answered no once, we will NEVER say yes if we have already said no once. Don’t pester us. It will anger us.

So there we go. Enjoy!


Comments on: "✺ Copying And Crediting Page ✺" (3)

  1. I had Clubs page before you, I think, alot of people have them.

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