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Hey guys,  Pollee here. This is our page. Here, we will post your contests, contest winners and contest updates. If you want to see old contests,  head to our past contests page.



Comments on: "☄ Contests Page ☄" (105)

  1. bubblez1234 said:

    You just saying that cus your in it and thanks!

  2. garfield12394 said:

    naww, it’s really great i LOVE it bubblez! you worked hard! xDD

  3. bubblez1234 said:

    when are the winners announced

  4. bubblez1234 said:

    oh yay…

  5. bubblez1234 said:

    I luv second place.. Like the saying goes. First is the worst. Second is the best. Third is the one with the big hairy chest. No offense..

  6. ღραяιѕ ρяιη¢єѕѕღ said:

    me joning! :3

  7. tickala said:

    Who do we email this to?

  8. bubblez1234 said:

    Me join join but what email?

  9. bubblez1234 said:

    thank you!!!

  10. Video game event
    host: static
    september 15 it would come out

    It turns out Static wanted to go in the video game.
    he goes to bed and the next day he ends up in a video game. some one played the game hes in and broke the remote! help him get out by finding the game parts!

    Places: cranival,downtown,uptown and dock
    then there will be a mini movie once u find all the parts
    You get 500 stars and a shirt with pac-man on it.
    members get a colorful hat and 1000 stars

    There will be a mini game were u help static make it to the end of his game!
    you just jump over the things and make sure u dont hit the little animals.

    the banner would have game things like pac-man
    (u know its on the downtown sign the little banner)

    i really like video games so i hope this happens in the future. 😀

  11. Im joining! My user is katie_2_0_0

  12. parisprincess2 said:

    me joining 🙂

  13. bubblez1234 said:

    waht do you mean by part one?

  14. Happy birthday event!
    Date of event:14 to 19 August
    Games: its Michelle staying over a table and she want to choose a cake for birthday and you should make a birthday cake that Michelle like the taste
    Places: angela13814’s house, downtown, uptown, beach and the island
    The street mini game is you wear a custom and gather presents and then open them for a prize or sell them for 250 stars.
    At angela13814’s house yo take a free custom and shoot cakes on other users
    Angela13814 and her buddies will get 1 year membership and others will get 3 month membership
    I created this event for my birthday!

  15. princessjillana said:


  16. What is the contest?

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