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☻ About Our Blog ☻

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Hey Guys! Happy here! Today I’m going tell you all about this blog! So first off, Welcome to Fantage World Guide!

This is my Fantage blog, and the person who inspired me is Princess Moomoo (One of the Owners of Fantageville).

Thanks, Moomoo! I really like Fantage and that’s a another reason why I made this blog. So, thanks for reading this and going on my blog!

I hired an AMAZING co-owner called Pollee. She is excellent and super and is the queen of the world.

P.S.: That last part was writen by Pollee


Comments on: "☻ About Our Blog ☻" (6)

  1. Catriona said:

    I umm I have to complain something it’s not fair that all members get everything and non members r like ugh, wht, why can’t we. So I just request u if some cool things can only be for non members not for the members that would be fair thank you it will be very nice of u if u do tht

  2. Can you work in my blog? If you want come to and give me your emails to add you

  3. ❀♥αωєѕσмєαмαzιηg1♥❀ said:

    Lol queen of the world…

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