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Happy Easter

Hey Guys, Pookie here. It’s Easter and you know what that means? Bunnies and chocolate!! I don’t actually celebrate Easter, I’m in for the food xD I feel so fat. Any who, for once Fantage didn’t do an event about Easter except for the fact that their selling Pet eggs but that’s it. 

Important message: Pollee wants to apologize for her actions when she said that this blog is over, she doesn’t want anyone to feel saddened by what she said. I know most of you guys can find it in your heart to forgive her (That’s sounds really cheesy) Anyways, I know I may be the only person keeping this blog active but I want to thank Pollee and Shine for contributing to blog. Best of luck in the Future.


Enjoy my spam of chocolates and bunnies >:3

~Pookie-Chan (=^_^=)





This one cracked me up xD 



Chubby Bunny <333


Random cute bunny *^*

download (1)

That wraps up my spam of fluffiness, till next time!



Comments on: "Happy Easter" (2)

  1. ღ♬✰♥woofi ♥✰♬ღッ said:

    Kung fu fighting bunnys hahha

  2. buddy123445 said:

    Yep, Happy Easter! 😀 See you guys later!

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