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Nevermind… Sorry

Well, the blog’s over forever, I guess. I talked to Pollee, and she told me that she and Pookie are quite busy. You should probably un-follow now because there won’t be any more posts after this one. Sorry for the short post, and sorry if we have disappointed you. Bye.



P.S. I’m going to start off again at my other blog:




Comments on: "Nevermind… Sorry" (15)

  1. Aww 😦

    But I followed your other blog :DD

  2. Okay, lets say I didn’t really use this blog since 2 months ago ;3; but I wish I did because now its gonna be un-active.

  3. buddy123445 said:

    but.. but..but.. Can you still post on the blog even though the others are busy? I dont really wanna unfollow this blog 😦

    • I don’t know… I think I’m just going to post on my other blog “Unrelated”. Thank you for staying with FWG, though!

      • buddy123445 said:

        Oh well, Can’t argue with that though. I will miss this blog! Don’t worry, I already did follow your other blog a long time ago, I am not really gonna unfollow this blog, just in case some one posts, IN THE FUTURE! 😀 Lol, anyways See ya on your other blog! 🙂

      • Yup! See you there! 😀

  4. No, no, no, there has to be something. Well, you usually post, why can’t you? And when the others have time, they can post, too! Come on, no harm, am I right?

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