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Re-Start this Blog!

Hey, guys. Shine here. Long time no see. Really long time! I’m checking these new comments and they say it was posted 42 days. 42!! I want to get this blog going again! Tell your friends. I’m gonna talk to Pollee and Pookie, and I’m going to get this blog going! Thank you all so much for reading this, for staying a follower, and for being with us. Help us!



Comments on: "Re-Start this Blog!" (5)

  1. cool! i rlly luv this blog. but u should probably change the background lol. it not winter anymore. 😀 and WordPress updated a couple of things too!

  2. Hey can I be a worker here? I want to help you update the overall look of your blog (header, background, maybe theme)

  3. buddy123445 said:

    GASP! I am SOOO happy! 😀 I cannot wait until you guys start posting again! 😀 I never gave up on this blog! Yaaaaay!

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