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“Out with the old, in with the new!” That’s what I say. Hey everyone, it’s Shine, and it is the NEW YEAR!!! Bye-bye, 2013! Hallo, hello 2014!!! Here is a list of things that I’d like to do this new year: I’d like to have a great blog, new and amazing friends, a crush :3, and… This is what I want most of all… My depression to go away! 😀 I’ll work hard on that last one…! Here is a list of things that I’d like to leave BEHIND: Bad thoughts, nightmares, my weird fear that I will NOT tell (It’s too scary for me), crazy memories, awkward moments, and… This most of all… The phrase “YOLO”. I find it kind of awkward because it’s sorta related to religion. I DON’T think that you only live once. I believe in Reincarnation. But hey, who knows?! Maybe you DO only live once. I’d just like to stop that phrase… ANYWAY GUYS, I HOPE THAT YOU HAD AN AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL FANTABULOUS NEW YEAR!!! 

~A brand new Shine


Comments on: "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" (1)

  1. buddy123445 said:

    Hope you have a happy new year too shine! I am glad you didn’t stop posting on this blog! I am happy i get to see a post from one of my most fave blog in da world! 🙂

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