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White Rose
There was a pretty girl named Amy. She was about 25, and she loved a handsome boy, but from a distance. She always watched him from afar. He was a work colleage, named Blake. At the end of the day, Blake was standing next to 3 other work colleages. A man said “Let’s go to dinner! My treat.” “Awesome!” one replied. “Sure, why not?!” said another. Blake stood there, looking bored. He sighed and said “Okay…” Amy didn’t have any friends at all, not like Blake.
Amy sat on her bed, and was thinking about her life. She never had the courage to confess her love to Blake… But that didn’t stop her from loving him so much. What she didn’t know was that… Blake often noticed her staring at him. He couldn’t explain why he was affected by her stares and he couldn’t deny the fact that Amy was beautiful.
One day, Amy picked up her courage, and asked Blake out on a date, right nearby a lovely fountain in a park. She sat on the fountain’s edge, and thought to herself, “What’s taking him so long?” A few minutes later, Blake showed up and said “Sorry I’m late; traffic. You said you needed to tell me something?” Amy replied to him saying, “Take a seat.” She said, “Well Blake, there’s something that I’ve been keeping to myself for a long time now… Blake, I love you.” Amy and Blake blushed, and there was a moment of complete silence. Blake sighed and said “I can’t. I mean, you’re nice and pretty and all, but… I don’t think I’m ready. I’m sorry… I’d better get going.” He left, and Amy was still blushing. She wasn’t going to give up.
The next day, she saw Blake across the street. She chased after him. But unfortunately for Amy… A drunk taxi driver swerved into the sidewalk, and hit Amy. She was lying on a bed in the hospital, just waking up. Her mother was there and asked the doctor, “How is my daughter doing…?” Amy overheard EVERYTHING.
The doctor said, “We did our best, but the accident did serious damage to her brain cells. She’ll only live for 2 more months, at most.” A week passed, and she went back to her work place to resign. Her boss said “I’m sorry to hear that.” Blake was behind her and said in a worried voice “Hear what?” Amy was so happy to see him. She lied to him and said “That roosters were rushing into KFC.” Blake smiled and said, “I like KFC!! :D” Then he said seriously, “Erm…” Amy, still smiling said “Yes…?” He said “About last week… I’ve thought about it. How about being friends?” They both smiled and Amy said, “Sure! :D”
Before Amy’s last 2 months, they became best friends. They wents to fairs and carnivals, won prizes, and the best fun. In a short time, they became BEST FRIENDS. They danced together, and had fun. These were the happiest moments of her life. Until…
2 months later, Blake and Amy were together. Blake said, “Amy, my feelings for you have grown a lot.” Blake was blushing, and Amy was looking confused. “Feelings not as a friend…” He bent down on one knee and said ” Will you…” Blake pulled out a small box and said, “Marry me?”
Amy was blushing so much, and there was an awkward silence. Being scared, Blake got up and asked “Is that a yes…?” Amy said “Silly… if you realy love me, tomorrow you will not text me, call me, or see me.” Blake looked scared and said “WHAT?! WHY?” Amy said “Just tomorrow… This is just a test to see if your love is true… Okay?” Blake smiled and said “Okay. :D” Amy said “I will wait for you at the fountain, the one in the park when I told you that I loved you. I’ll see you there 24 hours from now.”
Amy was walking away, and the tears that she were hiding fell down her cheeks and she whispered “Tomorrow… I may leave with only memories of you. Your smile, your face, your laughter, and most of all… Your love. I’ll miss you…”
Before the end of the 24 hour test, Blake dreamt of Amy as an angel, and she was holding a white rose. Amy said “Blake… You may have found me as an annoying person back then, the way I stared at you. But it was because of my lack of courage to say how much I love you. But please, always remember that I’ll always watch over you, even though you can’t see me. Please smile for me; your smile is my strength, and your tears are my weakness, so smile.” Amy hugged him as tight as she could and said “I love you.”
Blake woke up and tears ran down his cheeks. He said “Something feels wrong…” He got dressed, and walked to the fountain in the park, but there was no one at the fountain. All he saw was a white rose, and a note. It was the same rose that Amy was carrying in his dream!
On the note, it said “Congragulations, you’ve passed my test. I’m sorry that I couldn’t stay and marry you. Please remember all those precious memories we shared, because I will too. I hope you like the white rose. Remember, I’ll always be watching you from above. Live on, and smile for me. For your tears are my weakness, and your smile is my strength, so smile. Always smile. Love, Amy.”
White Rose: It is known as the bridal rose. A traditional wedding flower. Representing the unity, virtue, and the pureness of a new bond of love. It also associates with honor and reverence. Which makes it a fitting memorial for a departed loved one.
So if you have a late loved one, a loved new wife or husband, remember the white rose, and this story.

Comments on: "White Rose ~ A Short, Sad Love Story ~Most Likely Crying" (7)

  1. [She was about 25, and she loved a handsome boy, but from a distance] run-on

  2. beautiful
    i did cry
    i just couldn’t stand it if it happened to me.

  3. moonlightmizuki said:

    Good but sad story. I didn’t cry. I read stories like this all the time in school

    • I agree. I usually don’t cry with “sad stories”. I tried to make this one as sad as possible, but sometimes it’s not sad enough, right?

  4. Wow this is a really good story! Did you make it up yourself? Or is it from a book?

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