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Not Dead!! ~Bad News Added

Hey everyone, Shine here! I got a new computer for Christmas, so I can blog again. But there is bad news: I am going to be completely honest with you viewers and Pookie. (Pollee already knows). Pollee and I feel like this blog should be closing. Pookie is quitting, there aren’t many viewers/comments on our posts/pages, and to be honest, Pollee and I have lost interest in this blog. It feels like it is deserted. Pookie, I hope you don’t feel offended by that last post in any way, shape, or form. I’m sorry, everyone. But I don’t think that this blog will last long. Goodbye for good, perhaps.

~A very sad Shine


Comments on: "Not Dead!! ~Bad News Added" (9)

  1. buddy123445 said:

    I am sad this blog is falling apart, plus i am on vacation somewhere nice and this just made me sad, this is my fave blog…. i hope this blog won’t end up like fantage rep, dead…. Please don’t close this blog, it just feels like home, nice people to talk to (the people that works here on this blog…) it is just really nice here in this blog.. just please dont delete this blog… 😦

  2. Hi im sad to here that this blog is shutting down. It was probably one of the best blogs with photos and everything moving. If you are quitting fantage too I would be glad to use your account get you stars and get you the items from events. I also help my friend out because she has siblings so if you want me to use yours ,I would be glad to please email me at

  3. I wish this blog could be saved

  4. ameee25673 said:


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