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Quitting for real…

As you can tell from the title, yes I’m quitting. I’m sure you guys are all thinking that I might be quitting for attention which I’m really not. Why would I want to quit just to get attention? Anyways, I’ll be on xat sometimes not really. No one would really care if I quit, they’ll say “Oh don’t quit” but then that’s all they do. You can call me selfish,bitchy,I don’t really care. That’s life. I don’t really have that much friends on xat anyway, they don’t actually talk. I’ll still post events around here, I might even make a different blog not sure yet.


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  1. I’m really sorry it had to come to this. I understand that this is completely your decision but I’m sorry it happened. I’m not going to change your mind because you are your own person. I’m sorry if it had anything to do with me.

    I’m sorry. I hope that you have a good (non-computer) life.


  2. I’m really sad that your quitting 😦
    Anyhow, it is your decision.
    I can’t change your mind.
    Have a great life.

  3. I’m really sad your quitting I really mean it I’m not just saying this so people think I’m nice I really mean it, you are not selfish at all, I won’t force you to stay it’s your choice but we all will really miss you
    Remember to smile for all of us
    Hope you have an amazing rest of your day and an amazing day for the rest of your life too
    We will really miss you
    Like seriously
    We will

  4. buddy123445 said:

    Sigh… I am really sad you are going… I already changed your mind once but i am not sure if i could do it again… I have lost many best friends in my life (because they all moved somewhere far away) but i am not sure what this blog is without you… Please do post every month though so that way i know you are still friends with us… I am trying to go on xat sometimes but every time i go on Xat on this blog, no one is really online so i just leave… I will try my best to go on Xat… I don’t think you are selfish… I think you may be having a hard time in real life or something like that… If something happens just always look on the bright side, if someone is calling you names just pretend that person isn’t there (if there is someone i really don’t like i pretend they are somewhere random in the world lol) in real life people calls me weird (yes i am weird its just how i really am, its the same thing with my best friend) and when they do i just say ” I know I am weird, but you can’t change who I am”… Just be yourself, it will get you somewhere you might like 😀

  5. Even though we didn’t talk much I will miss you. I understand why you are leaving and sometimes I think about leaving too. If you ever decide to come back everyone will be waiting with open arms. I would also love to talk to you and get to know you better.


  6. snivys211 :3 said:

    Pookie you’be been my friend as long as I can remember. Like buddy says stick to the optimistic side of things. And do take what other’s say seriously sometimes they’re joking and when they mean something don’t be afraid to stand up to them or just ignore them. I too on xat have had a hard time and was very close to quitting since people would call me the words: annoying, lonesome, dimwit ,and they would always tell me to shush. I wasn’t gunna let their words take over me though….I just thought of the optimistic side to things and I pushed their words away by thinking of things I’m thankful for. I soon realized that it doesn’t matter about the words they say it’s best to laugh with them and pretend that everyone has the same weaknesses as yourself. We’re pretty much the same people everyone in this world. I don’t see how they should be rude and all but I still keep on smiling. I don’t think you’re selfish it’s just your choice we’re not the ones to judge your life and what you do in it. Sincerely your friend Snivys211

  7. Bitchy? Those are female dogs!
    Good doggy 🙂
    Aww, I know I’m late but I’ll always remember yoooouuuuuu

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