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Hey guys, Shine here, and I have had one of the worst days of my life! It was recess, and I was getting up off of the curb. I pull to the right, and I PULL MY MUSCLE IN MY THIGH! It hurts so much, and I can’t bear the pain. I can’t bend my knee, I can’t get out of the car, I can’t even walk! Everyone made fun of me because I was limping. They didn’t even believe me at the Nurse’s office! They were nnnoyed and huffed “Okay, I’ll get an ice pack for you!” and looked really mad because they thought I was lying! But today was also pretty good! Yesterday, the biggest jerk in my class got suspended because some kids made rumors (but the jerk did shoot them in the face with a bibigun) and his Dad got so mad, he’s not coming back! SCORE!


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  1. moonlightmizuki said:

    YAY!! There is this jerk in my class and I want to get rid of him too…. Anyway, good luck! I was always on task but I have some bad days too. Your like me, getting too stressed. Try to be as nice as you can to others. Try not to get in trouble. Or hurt.

  2. I have a rrally annoying jerk in my class too. He is leaving though which is good 🙂
    If its that your stressed try relaxing and try focus on other things. The best thing to do is keep your muscle cool because heat makes it worse, and for around 15 minutes. You can also fill up a bottle of water and freeze it then roll it around the pulled mucsle. Hope this helps i xan do more research for ya if you want and remember if your doing and running or annything likely to cause pulled muscles make sure you’ve strechted first. Hope you get better soon !!!!

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