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I’m a Freak

I’m a freak. I just know it. I’m a freak who lost it’s mind. I’ve basically screamed at myself, sobbed myself to sleep, lost my temper until I cried, and insulted myself in my head. I’m a freak just for writing THIS MESS. I’m such a retard, I shouldn’t even be living. Why… I’m a freak. I’ve lost my mind, I’m going insane, I’m screaming at and attacking people. I actually punched a kid in the stomach yesterday, and slapped the same kid today. I need help. And a therapist. Help me.

~A freak 


Comments on: "I’m a Freak" (8)

  1. No, Shine, you`re not!!! Why are you saying this?

    • I’m feeling more depressed than usual. I feel like I’m failing in life, and I feel like I mean nothing to anyone. I feel like my Dad will never be proud of me, and I think that I’ll make no achievement in life. I realized that doing those things make me a freak.

  2. i used to feel this wayy… did any thing happen? ur not a freakk

  3. im sowwie…

  4. You do mean something to us your an amazing blogger and friend. Never forget that shine, you amazing and try ans focus on the positives in life not the negitaves, we all love you no matter what, i hope you feel better soon
    Love you heaps shine
    Catz808 (meeka)

  5. puyuyfantage said:

    *tears of waahs* WOO NOT A FREAAAAK!!!!!!!!

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