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Hey guys, Shine here and happy Halloween!!! Right now I want to tell you a little story about my Halloween Jack Pot that happened last year in 2012.

I had recently turned 10. And I was SO excited to go Trick-Or-Treating. I had almost finished up Trick-Or-Treating in my apartment complex. I walked upstairs to a house, a ringed the doorbell. A man opened the door and I said “Trick-Or-Treat!” and he said “Hello! Happy Halloween. You know, since no one has came by my house, and I don’t think anyone will, I’ll let you have half the bowl of my candy that I’m giving out!” I say “Thank you so much!! Have a wonderful night!!” and I left. I’d say that’s a “Halloween Jack Pot” moment.

This year, I was Trick-Or-Treating with my BFF and her 2 younger sisters. We went up to a house, rang the doorbell, and when a couple opened the door, we said “Trick-Or-Treat!” and the couple said “Sorry, we ran out of candy, but we do have chips….” I knew they were only going to give us a baggy full of chips, but I make a joke and I said “So we get the two bags, right?” They actually say “Sure!!” and give me one whole bag of chips!! That is definitely a “Halloween Jack Pot” moment.

If you had a “Halloween Jack Pot” moment, then post a comment about your Jack Pot!!!! I hope all of you had a few Jack Pots!!!!

So anyway, for Halloween I was with my friend and we were Siamese Twins! My Mom and I pre-ordered 2 T-shirts that on the front say “THIS IS MY COSTUME” in “scary” font, and on the back it says “I’m with stupid” and an arrow pointing towards each other. I loved it, even though I was often choking from my collar… We got so many comments about it, and I’m pretty sure we got more candy than my friend’s sisters. Post a comment below your costume!! I bet you got an AWESOMELY, CUTE, OR SCARY ONE!!!!!!!

I hope you all had a very safe and fun Halloween! Bye!

~A spooky Shine


Comments on: "Halloween JackPot *2012-2013*" (5)

  1. Theresa7897 said:

    Anyways I was a bat ballerina for Halloween i cant show the pic right now so I went trick or treating and then … brother,cousin,and I saw a house….. That had a whole bowl of candy on the porch (i was young that time so i didint know anything) btw this was long time ago except for my costume and then my bro told all of us to just take them (candy 🙂 all so we did . And thats how my Halloween jackpot happily ended i just thinking its really selfish (i was young and ididnt know anything as I said) the end.

  2. buddy123445 said:

    i never went trick or treating once… Religious thingy.. i wonder what its like going trick or treating… 🙂

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