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Author’s Note: Hi guys, Pollee here. I’m going to be starting a novel about Fantage complete with pictures. I will be posting chapter by chapter. Please comment your feedback!!!!!!!! It might be scary and a little bit violent, but it will still have jokes in it. Please don’t read it if you get scared really easily. Thanks, Pollee

Chapter One

It was a fall day. The type of nearly finished fall that sends chills up your spine if you’re not dressed warmly.  The type that sends leaves spiraling to the ground where they will be crunched on. There’s also ice. Tiny, thin layers of ice in blue-white colours that give a satisfying crack when you step on them.  Abigail was walking down the street. She could hear the crunch of the leaves and the crackling of the ice. She was wearing a warm coat and a hat on top of her blonde hair. Abigail loved these kinds of days: the chilly yet cozy ones, the perfect day to curl up with a book in. But she was going to school. She was nearly late and so she crunched her way through the leaves faster. The bell rang just as she hopped into the school. Books spilling from her arms, Abigail rushed into her first class…

And found it empty. She was stunned. It was a Thursday, she was sure. She checked the watch that adorned her wrist. It was 9:07, which meant that school had started. So where was the teacher? Where were her friends? The room, Abigail noticed, was stripped clean of all utensils. Papers, pencils, markers usually sorted neatly were gone. The notebooks labeled neatly were gone. This confused Abigail greatly. She suddenly had an idea: were the desks full? She checked. They weren’t. Her friend Miranda’s usually perfectly organized desk was still as scrubbed clean as normal, but her fluffy pencil cases, her notepads, her bright hylighters and everything else was gone.

This didn’t necessarily SCARE Abigail, but it confused her greatly. Well, what was she to do?

She could mess up other classes, or she could take cookies from the lunch room. But she had a nagging suspicion that the rooms would be empty. She needed to check, anyways. After a thorough search of the school, Abigail had only skipped one room in the whole school: the room known to be haunted. It was a secret room that nobody knew about and it was only a fluke that Abigail knew how to get in. Once, she had recorded an interview with the school janitor and he had shown her proudly the secret room: he called it the engine room, and that was the perfect word to describe it. A long set of narrow, winding wooden stairs leads to a large room with several passages attached. The room was made out of black stone and dust.

The room was exactly what you would have expected an “engine room” to be like. It was filled with every piece of machinery imaginable, experiments too. Spare parts littered every empty space.  The passages on the side had no doors, but they looked long and winding and dark.

Abigail sneezed. She was allergic to dust. She touched the toe of her boot to a piece of metal on the ground. She bent down to pick it up, but then she decided against it.

Suddenly, a scream ran out through the room. It was a male, low voice, but it was loud and long. Shuffling her way through the dusty mess, Abigail was hit with a sense of determination and shock: she took off towards the sound. It came from one of the passages and she ran at full speed into it.

It was dark and even more dusty then the main room. When she finally saw a source of light, it was so bright it nearly blinded Abigail! She opened the wooden door that the sounds had come from and found herself in a bright, white room. The walls floor, ceiling and furniture were painted white. There was a small, curtainless window that Abigail couldn’t see through. There was a wardrobe, table and bed. The cover of the bed was red, which offered the only colour in the room.

Suddenly, the door slammed shut. She heard a click and then a laugh. Spinning around, she looked at the door. In the tiny slit was a face.

A pale face with black, emotionless eyes.


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  1. Shine-Bright(≧◡≦) said:

    I love this story! Continue it soon, Pollee!

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