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Ouch… Ouch..OUCH!!!

Hey everyone. Shine here, and I just went rollerskating with my new ROLLER SKATES! I got them from my grandmother for my birthday. I love them! They are just the right size, and they’re awesome! And with my new roller skates, my friend invited me to go rollerskating with her! So I immediately reply “YEAH!!!” and we left. I tried them out, and I just glided like a dove at the roller rink. It’s like I’d had these roller skates ever since I was born!!! I kept riding, and got a little too fast… And I fell on my tailbone. It didn’t hurt too bad, so I kept skating. Then it was time to go. My friend’s Dad gave me a ride home, and then here I am. I opened the door, and walked into my home. I try to sit down, but… I can’t. I think I might have even BRUISED my tailbone! Seriously, I can’t sit down without screaming my head off. I had to grab an ice pack, and a pain killer. I swallowed the pain killer, and sat down *very painfully* onto the ice pack. I actually cried trying to get the pain killer, since it was on the floor. I couldn’t even get out of my bed!!! When will this pain end!??!?!

~A pained Shine


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  1. I hope you’ll get better soon Shine :mrgreen:!! I’ve been through your pain before…….. IT HURTS!!!!

  2. buddy123445 said:

    Hope you get better! I haven’t gotten better from friday,, 😦

    • Aww! What happened?!?!??! 😦

      • buddy123445 said:

        Long story short.. So i was outside during recess sitting down making a hotel out of rocks with my friends (I dunno why but it was fun! But people kept on smashing it and we keep rebuilding it! :D) Then someone was walking backwards and fell on me.. My neck was bending a lot and made my whole body bend one way with it.. Then my stomach started to hurt because of my body bending on it a lot.. I had to go to the office and go home early.. I had to go to the doctor on sunday because of that and take medication.. this all happened because of that one person.. AND THAT PERSON WAS ONE OF MY FRIENDS!! 😦 My stomach is sore from that day and my head is hurting a lot today..

      • Awwwww!!! I hope you feel better soon!

      • buddy123445 said:

        my neck could of broke but i am lucky it didnt 😀

      • OF COURSE IT IS!! Breaking your neck is a serious thing!!! D:

      • buddy123445 said:

        i talked to the person who fell on me today i told her how i had to go to the doctor and take some tablets.. she said “Whatever” and she just walked away… oh well…

      • Wow. I don’t think you should keep that friend. 😦

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