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Hey everyone! Shine here, and it’s my BIRTHDAY TODAYYY!!!! IT’S GOING TO BE THE BEST DAY EVER!!! Or so I thought… 😦 This morning, my Dad woke me up and said “Happy Birthday sweetie!” and I was so happy. But as some of you know, my Mom was having surgery on her neck, and I wasn’t happy for her, or for me. So we went to the hospital, we helped her a bit, and then when it was time, we went to the surgical waiting room. I slept, and then we finally got to see her. She looked at me and said “Hey sweetie-pie.” in a weak voice. So I told her “Save your voice. You don’t need to hurt yourself more. 😉 “ And then I realized something…. She never said “Happy Birthday” or even “I love you.” when all I’ve done is give her love and support… It’s currently 5:16 p.m. and I’m wondering if she’s going to forget to say that…. You know, I don’t want anything except caring and support from my family and friends… Did you know, even Google *only showed to me, and no one else* created a birthday logo, and when I scrolled over it, it said “Happy Birthday Shine!” *it said my real name* Is she going to forget? 😦


Comments on: "MY B-DAY!!! BEST B-DAY EVER!!! ~Or not…." (12)

  1. happy bday 😀

  2. buddy123445 said:

    Happy birthday shine!! 😀 I hope your mother will feel much more better soon! I think i know why she didnt say happy birthday.. She was trying her best to save her voice or the doctor said not to talk too much or else it will hurt her… Ugh today i got hurt too.. i was sitting down outside at school during recess with my friends then someone was walking backwards and fell on me and luckily when she fell on my head, my neck was bending a lot.. But then it didnt break 😀 but the bad news is my stomach is hurting a lot from that.. 😦 but forget about me! Today is your special day! I hope you have the best birthday EVER! 😀

  3. Don’t worry, sometimes they forget stuff when they have surgery. Or she had surgery at her pressure point, I think, idk. Happy late birthday! >.<

  4. εïз Pookie-Chan εïз said:

    Happy belated birthday :mrgreen:

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