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Autumn Festival

Hey Guys, Pookie here. Happy Autumn! Today on Fantage, we have a new event called “Autumn Festival”. It starts on October 10th to October 21. Basically what this event is about is the upcoming of Fall with a bit of thanksgiving. 

Today on Fantage, they will be opening up their  reporter cameras for everybody to use even non members. Now non members will be able to take pictures and save it in their album. You’ll also have a activity to complete by taking pictures of yourself in certain places and on certain days.

There will also be pumpkin picking that will start next thursday, also check out the limited items because there is finally a limited item for nons. Sadly, there’s no event medal. That’s all about this event, Now time to take a look of the pictures.


First off, I will show the event information. Not that much on the info.


Now onto the limited items, I personally didn’t like all the limited items but this is what I would expect from Fantage.


Now here’s how you do the activity involving the cameras.

Activity #1




  1. You have to click the button “Photos”, which is located at the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Go the special location.
  3. Take a picture of yourself in that special location.
  4. Save it in your album.
  5. If you take pictures everyday in that special location you will receive 5000 stars. 

Wow this must really be a short event, well that’s all about this event. Enjoy!

~PookieChan *~*



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