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HEY GUYS! I’m in Hawaii right now, writing this post, and I feel absolutely amazing. Why? I’M OFF THAT UNCOMFORTABLE PLANE! Seriously, my back hurts more than ever right now. But the food on the plane was nice! I met an old lady who was very kind, and was visiting to visit relatives. Speaking of relatives, that’s why I’m here in Hawaii too! I went here alone, for my birthday! Do you know how many times the flight attendants checked on me? Jeez! Anyway, it’s warm, a little bit humid, and just plain awesome. My grandparents made a little “crash pad” just for me, I’m free to take any fruit or juice, and… *drumroll please* A BRAND NEW CAMERA! They said it was extra, and they didn’t need it anymore. So they just removed the photos they took, and gave it to me along with spare batteries, and a memory card. Yup, best birthday ever. I think I’ll have a birthday party on October 18th (one day after my actual birthday) on xat. (It starts 9:00 a.m. Western Time) SEE YOU ALL LATER! Take care. 😉



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  1. OMG, you’re so lucky!!

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