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Chocolate Challenge

Hai Guys, Pookie here ^^. I’m sure everyone noticed the new chocolate challenge event on Fantage. This yummy event starts from September 20th to October 2nd. Here’s a brief explanation on what the event is about.

In the carnival, there’s a group game called Cookie Battle and you can get tickets from it but of course the premium members will a bonus on those tickets. Head over to the prize booth which is located at the carnival to redeem your tickets for prizes.

Also, go look for the chocolate fountains which are in the carnival and castle if you go on the chocolate fountain you get to turn into cool chocolate covered costumes. On September 23rd, there are 3 special chocolate trees around Fantage click the candles and you get a cool effect on your fantagian.

And apparently on September 26th, there’s some crazy cookie man on the loose and your suppose to catch him. You better catch him because he will be running around fantage loose and there will also be a new mini game better check that out too. That’s all for the brief explanation now unto the real stuff.


Here’s the information about the event.


Here are some pictures of the limited items:



Cupcake Chaos


1. You choose what the cupcake looks like.

2. You add the frosting and the decorations .

3. And the, serve it on their plates. If you make a mistake with their order you can put it in the trash.

It’s a lot like the ice cream game on Moshi monsters except with cupcakes.

Cookie Catcher


1. The computer will automatically will put you in a team.

2. You have to get as much as many cookies as you can.

3. The big cookie turns into small pieces so get the small pieces.

Chocolate Fountain

Here are some costumes you can turn into if you go into the chocolate fountain.


The Cookie Man


Try to catch the cookie man so you get some tickets  I got 20 tickets by clicking him. You have to click him a lot to the tickets out of him. You can usually find him downtown.

Chocolate Tree



You find the chocolate tree in: 

– Lighthouse

– Beach

– Forest

Here are some of the effects you can turn into by clicking it:



Chocolate Challenge Medal



You could buy the medal at the prize booth for 3000 tickets. Once you buy it , it will go to the maximum level, For nonmembers it levels up to 10 and for members it levels up to 20.

That’s all about this event, next time I’ll make sure not to post it so late. See ya!

~Pookie-Chan ^^

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