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Help Me

Okay, doing it again. One word. DEPRESSED

Yup, I’m talking down to myself again. I just.. I feel weak. Every time I go to P.E., I can barely do a push up! I get in proper position, and fall to the ground. It seems like my crush doesn’t care about me anymore. 4th grade: Kind, a little immature, and cared about me. 5th grade: Boring, depressed,doesn’t care about me, doesn’t do anything. I also feel so left out. I feel like I don’t mean anything to anybody.

Do I need to go to a therapist?


Comments on: "Help Me" (5)

  1. Ur in fifth grade?


  2. October~Fina566 said:

    Your in fifth grade? Don’t worry about about crushes then. Sixth will be your worse, but idk because I’m only ten and was nine in fifth grade… Hope I helped!

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