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Skating at Roller Kingdom

Today was scary, amazing, tiring, and fun as a biscuit. My friend invited me to go roller skating! She and her Dad picked me up around 5:30, and we arrived. I thought it was going to be normal, a good skate, practicing my skills, until I read the board, and it says “Friday the 13th! 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Jason comes!” Then it’s the picture of Jason. I got so freaked out,  OMG! So we got out onto the rink, and the lights flicker, on and off while scary music plays. Then it becomes bright again and a man says “If you don’t know what that was, that’s what happens when Jason comes!” After awhile, the lights go off for a while, the scary music still playing. We all scream. Seriously, almost everyone screamed. Finally, it was time for Jason. The lights went off, scary music playing, but I didn’t scream. Then i heard the “brrr brrrr” of a chain saw.

Jason was here.

I screamed, then realized it wasn’t so scary….Until he sneaked up behind me and I heard “brr brr” Then I screamed. I skated across the whole rink,not realizing I was going super fast, and perfectly.

Well, that’s it. If you want to see the ending, keep reading. Anyway, everyone have a good Friday the 13th! (Event though it’s the most unlucky day ever) 😉


So as we were leaving, Jason got out of the rink, and near by the drinks and food stand. We keep walking towards the exit, and we’re about 2 feet away when he’s right behind me!!!!!

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