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Sad, Lonely, Help Us!

Okay, seriously? There doesn’t seem to be anymore fun here! Or, anywhere! What’s wrong? Are people too busy? How about I make this year a little more fun.


  • January: On January 1st, there will be a celebration of the new year! And a secret surprise. ;)
  • February: On February 1st, there will be a lovely, romantic, and especially fun celebration of Valentines Day.
  • March: In March, there will be a contest! It’s secret, but you’ll love it! There will be a party on Fantage March 16th, 12:00 p.m. Fantage time.
  • April: In April… Well, I can’t tell you! HeeHee!
  • May: In May I’ll give you ideas for things you can do for Mother’s Day! There will be a whole quiz to find out what you should put in a Mom’s Breakfast in Bed!
  • June: In June, we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day! There’ll be help to find out what you should do with your Father’s.
  • July: Of course, we’ll be celebrating The Fourth of July! There’ll be several pictures of Fireworks, some inspirational stuff, and it’ll be great. We will also be celebrating Canada day, and we will kick off summer with an AWESOME SUMMER FUN party!
  • August: For August, that will be different every year. What I’m saying is, it’s going to be a surprise.
  • September: Like August, I’ll think of something different every year
  • October: On October 1st, there will be a scavenger hunt involving lots of halloween fun! Yippee!

    Also, remember those who died on September 11th


Comments on: "Sad, Lonely, Help Us!" (4)

  1. polleeawesome said:

    The schedule sounds fun! The one issue I have is the Fourth of July. Could we throw in Canada, too? And SUMMER FUN!

    • YUP! Let’s include the Canadian holidays! Can you or Pookie put that in? I don’t know any.

      • polleeawesome said:

        Actually, I wouldn’t call them Canadian holidays, because we celebrate the same holidays. Thanksgiving is just in a different month, and, of course, we have Canada day, and not the fourth of July

      • Oh, ok. Well, just add those in later when you can! 🙂

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