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✎ Back 2 School Event ✎

Hey Guys, Pookie here. How does it feel to be back in school? I don’t really like going back to school because I have to go to highschool, and so far it’s really boring :/

Right now on Fantage, There’s a new event on Fantage it’s called Back 2 School. It’s starts from September 5th to September 10th.

In this event, you can help the teacher grade the students and work at school to earn a medal and free prizes. Get on the school bus and play Simon says, The bus is located Downtown.

If you play all the games in the school you can get a trophy, there’s also a new category in game ” Off the Hook”. And lastly buy the new limited items in the limited cart.


Here’s the info about the event.


Here are the limited items for both boys and girls.



Click the teacher in downtown and help her out.



Let’s start by doing the schedule.

1. Schedule


1. Start off by dragging the subjects below on the schedule.

2. You can use each class as much as you like.

3. Once your done filling in all subjects your done and you earn 15 stars as a reward.

2. School Supplies


1. Start by giving the supplies the students want.

2. Once your done, you get a medal after the game.

3. Take Attendance


1. Click the students name and they will say whether they are here or not.

2. Check the boxes if they are Present or Absent.

3. When you finish the game, you get a shirt.

4. Grading Tests


1. Use the markers to check if the answer is wrong or not.

2. Green means right and red means wrong.

3. When your finished, your medal gets leveled up.

5. Grading Papers


1. Find as many mistakes in this essay as much as you can.

2. When you’re done, click the done button.

3. After the game, members get a free apple head hair but the non members don’t get anything 😦

6. Library


1. Click some books in the pile.

2. Choose whether they are fiction or non fiction.

Here are the answers: Non- Fiction

  • A nation’s hope: The story of Boxing Legend Joe Louis
  • Actual Size
  • The big book of questions and answers
  • Swirls by swirl: Spirals in nature
  • Can we save the tiger?
  •  Animal babies in Polar Lands
  • The case of vanishing frogs: A Scientific Mystery
  • The camping trip that changed America
  • On a beam of light: A story about Albert Einstein
  •  National Geographic Readers: Penguins
  • Hanging off Jefferson’s nose: Growing up on Mount Rushmore
  • Brother at Bat: The true story of an all-brothers baseball team
  • Amazing Poisonous Animals


  • Peter Pan
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • The little engine that could
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Little house on the prairie
  • Charlie and the chocolate factory
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • The Golden Compass
  • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • The Hunger games
  • A wrinkle of time
  • The wonderful wizard of oz
  • Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
  • Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone

3. After that your medal starts to level up.

The Back 2 School Medal goes up to Level 10 for Premium Members and goes up to Level 4 for non-members.


Simon Says


1. Get on the bus (You can find it downtown)

2. Click “Play”.

3. Do the poses they want you to do like for example, Wave 3 times.

4. After each pose you win 5 stars.


Play all these games and you earn a trophy, that’s all for this event. See  ya!

~PookieChan *~*

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  1. How do u do that rainbow text at the end?

  2. Garfie12394 said:

    you go to and go to rainbow text :3

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