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I just found out that there is a registered sex offender living in the apartment building right next to me. He is convicted of having/taking nude pictures of children. This has given me so much stress, and I cannot take this right now.

My parents and I found out from our neighbor. He got a notification on his phone that there was a sex offender living nearby. He showed us, and I’m so scared!!!

I hope you all understand, and please, give me advice about relieving stress! This is all true, and no laughing matter.



  1. maybe you should tell the police or something

    • We can’t. They already know, and since he hasn’t done anything to me, or we haven’t seen him do anything to other kids, he’s fine for now!

  2. That’s like child pornography o.o and he isn’t arrested yet? You should move. Far away… And close all your window blinds/curtains…

    • It is, I just didn’t want to say it that way. He HAS been arrested, but released. We are thinking of moving. And we only open up the patio door, and blinds, if we’re going to the grill to cook.

  3. Pookie-Chan said:

    omg that’s so scary.. I’m a bit freaked out right now..

    • Yeah… I’m making sure I am COVERED UP AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WHEN GOING TO THE POOL. I will wear my cover-up, a towel, and I’m going to walk so flipping fast to the pool.

  4. D: just be careful when you do stuff. e.e and always have someone WITH you.

    • Yeah. Whenever I go outside, I’m going to hang out with my 2 buddies. If it’s me going to get them, I jump on my bike, and ride super fast. If they don’t answer the door, I go straight back. We are keeping the doors locked ALL THE TIME.

  5. Oh god i agree with all of the above, you should start locking your windows/room but with someone older in there with you. how did you find that out? oh and tell a parent mum/dad about him.

    • I told you how we found out. We are being extra-secure, and the rest, I already commented to Sunny.

  6. Ok this may seem like impossible but stay calm. Have someone with you at all times. Keep your doors and windows locked. Maybe tell the police about him. Get into a habit of doing something like reading, art music etc) that way you wont be focusing on him. Really hope this helps you!!!!!

  7. polleeawesome said:

    Okay, that’s really creepy…

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