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Your Fantage Planner

OKAY! So basically , Yesterday I had a giveaway on fantage in Downtown. I had millions of entries.  So it was just random , they had to just come to my plc and leave a memo saying : I enter. The lucky winner would get frisky for the prize they want it for!!! 🙂 ( I wasnt a Lover of frisky :'< ) . The winner was aikolinda1142 . She requested the frisky ft, for the purple costume, ( THAT I REALLY WANTED FOR BORROW ONLY! So I said  no as I wanted to sell the frisky. So she wanted it for 600 ecoins. Oh well. Frisky was sold for an unreasonable price. ANYWAY , If i get 50-100 ( im making it bigger cuz im getting alot of followers quick! xD ) views this week and about 30 followers ,I WILL HAVE A CC AND BB GIVEAWAY!!! ( Im…

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