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OMG, I just went to the most awesome show ever called “Escape”. It is a show that has music as Dubstep, a type of music in the background. There is no talking when the music is going. 


The logo is Esc4p3 Really weird, right? Anyway, let’s keep going.


There were several people. A few contorsionists (IDK how to spell it), Arialists, Dancers, a musician in the back, and 2 funny guys whom I call clowns. They don’t look like normal clowns, though. They have white pants, huge sunglasses, and long silver jackets. (I won’t explain the clowns)

STORY:(I’m only explaining the large stuff)

An old woman is dancing around, waiting for her husband to come home. He comes back, kisses her on the cheek, and sits down, holding something that looks like a tablet. The woman takes the tablet, and sits on his lap. They seem to argue, and fight. The woman walks out the door, and slams it shut.

The man shakes his head, and keeps playing on his game. A voice says “Would you like to digitalize yourself to continue Escape?” Since there is no talking at all, he nods his head vigorously mouthing the words “Yes!” The same voice says “Are you sure?” He nods even more vigorously mouthing the words “YES!!!!” The voice, again, says “Perhaps you should reconsider.” He vigorously taps the tablet. Probably tapping “YES!!!!” The voice finally says “Welcome to Escape”

I SHALL NOT SAY ANYTHING MORE! Maybe the show will come to your city. (Only in the U.S.A. Sorry Pollee and Pookie) 😦



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