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I’m Back!!!

Hey, everyone! It’s Shine, and I’m back as an editor! As you probably know, I have plenty of news to share with you. And it will be listed as shown:


Thank you Pookie and Pollee for letting me back on the blogging team. I’m ready to step in, and help you with all I can.


I’ve created a new blog. It was inspired by Pollee and Pookie. It’s still being worked on, but I think it’s going to be very nice. Here’s the link, enjoy:


You guessed it, there’s been more news about me and my crush. Man, I lot has happened… 

1st terrible thing: OMG! My BFF came by today, and told me that my crush said “I don’t care about her anymore.” I mean, like, WTB! (What The Biscuit) How could he do this to me? Once I got home, I screamed and cried into my pillow. I hope things work out for us later..

1st best thing: OMG! So today, he actually said he was just lying to see how I would react! That’s kind of weird, but okay! Things are going so great!

Review: Okay, so now things are going well. We’re taking it slow, and everything’s pretty much back to normal.



Bye everyone, and see you all… LATER!

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