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New Seashell Update!

Hi Guys, Pookie. Have you guys noticed the cool new seashell prizes? I did and I think it’s way better than the old prizes.

Not a lot of people know about this and not a lot of blogs posted about this. I also want to thank princess_jillana (Lillin57) for telling me this :mrgreen:


Go find shells and get these awesome new prizes. Happy hunting :mrgreen:

~PookieChan ^~^


Comments on: "New Seashell Update!" (10)

  1. Gah, question, how do you the color in your signature?

  2. princessjillana said:


  3. princessjillana said:

    I wish more people knew!!! 🙂

  4. […] New Seashell Update! ( […]

  5. Shooottttt. I’m not a member anymore.. ;w;

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