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Party on the Cruise

Hi Guys, Pookie here. Chez Fantage is having a party and you are invited. At Chez Fantage, they have a new menu that way you can enjoy more food.

There are also going to be activities to do. For example, You can help clean with the new maid costume o.o play high dive, and play jelly shuffle and earn prizes.


Here’s the information about the event 🙂


Now, we will be looking at the boys and girls limited items.



Now onto the costumes. Use these costumes and earn stars.



Also read the comic to know more about the event, it’s really funny too :mrgreen:


Play Jelly Shuffle a certain amount of times to earn these prizes.


Play High Dive to earn stars.


Also check out the new menu at Chez Fantage.


If you want to check out Chez Fantage, it’s located right on the map if you need it.


That’s all for this event, Enjoy!

~PookieChan ^^

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