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I am crying as I am typing this. This is seriously heart-breaking. So, this is what happened. BTW, I’m replacing my name with a fake one.

So, my friend told my crush about something about my feelings. AND THEN…. She comes back, looks me in the eyes and says “Shine, I have terrible news, and I don’t know if I can tell you this. Well, here goes. He said… exactly… “Who cares about Shine?”

I am dumbstruck by this whole endeavor. I just…. I’m crying almost every minute. And, I just know that… He was my true love. I actually… Loved him. With all my heart. But now, everything followed means nothing to me now

-Every love song

-Little hearts

-Every love poem

-Every valentines card

-Every hug


I can never get over it again. Every single quote “There’s more fish in the sea.” “You’ll find another person, greater than the last.” That will never happen with me again. I am terribly sad, and getting even MORE suicidal thoughts. The only romance that I have left are my crazy fantasies.

Comments on: "Terrible News. Just…. Terrible" (18)

  1. Um, no offense, but that’s sort of overreacting? I’m older, and when my crushes knocked me off, I just shrugged it off..? it’s their loss, not yours.

  2. ❤ It's okay. There's more guys out there. If you are thinking that's your true love, he's probably isn't. If he cared about you, he wouldn't have did that to you. A true boy will at least consider your feelings. c; If you can't find anyone, you always stay with me in my dream house. LOL xP

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