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I’m back

Hi, guys it’s me Pollee. I’m finally back from camp! Thank you for being there for me and thanks to Shine for being a good replacement. Sorry that this is short.


Comments on: "I’m back" (8)

  1. welcome back pollee!

  2. tickala said:

    Welcome back Pollee! I’m glad that you’re back, things have been super crazy with me… Anyway, weba!

  3. fantagepenguins said:

    i thought you were going to delete the replacement.
    Cuz in your post you said the will only we a replacement for 1 month.
    and its been wayyyy longer

    • polleeawesome said:

      no your right it’s only for one month. it has been a bit longer then that, but Shine will now be a moderator instead of an owner. we want to thank her ALOT though.

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