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Okay, so almost everyone seems to be super MAD that I 1) didn’t make the Scavenger Hunt well. 2) Didn’t put the clues in an easy place 3) Didn’t make the prizes as good as they were.

And you know what? I’m just going to ban both accounts FOREVER and stop the Scavenger Hunt! I tried my best, and some of you can’t seem to accept that. I know some people appreciate at least my effort to try and make it as great as possible, but other’s can’t.

Are you all happy of yourselves now?



Comments on: "Really?" (6)

  1. I understand that you tried your best. I guess others don’t. I thought the Scavenger Hunt was alot of fun! Keep up the good work!


    • Thank you for your understanding. I appreciate the people who agree with me… Anyway, I’m glad you thought it was fun anyway!

  2. Don’t listen to the haters! I know and you know that you tried your best! I had fun on the Scavenger Hunt, and if the haters didn’t, that ain’t your problem! BTW: BEST FANTAGE BLOG EVER!

    • tickala said:

      Wow, I’m so happy you love the blog, and yes, I know how to ignore the haters! ‘Cause haters be hatin’! xD

  3. Christy Walker said:

    your right. WAY TO MANY PEOPLE COMPLAINED. I mean come on. YOU GAVE AWAY FREE ACCOUNTS AND THEY JUST AREN’T THANKFUL! the nerve of some people… No offence and all, but it was a little easy, but that proves that 2) is stupid and it was the easiest thing to me. I didn’t follow the clues, well actually at first I did, but then I didn’t know what one clue meant, so I just went on every page and highlighted at the end until I got the password and could enter the code. Then I felt stupid because I didn’t know WHERE to enter the password and then I looked at clubs AND FINALLY got it, but it only took like 15 minutes to find it. In my opinion, it’s WAYYYYY easier to find that then fantageville’s members rares password (which btw I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND IN LIKE, EVER SINCE IT WAS CREATED). Thanks anyway! Btw you have a awesome blog. I’m pups215 as a commenter and on fanatge. I hope I will see you! ❤


    • tickala said:

      Wow, thanks for the long and happy comment, we appreciate it so much. I’m glad you had fun anyway, even though there were problems…

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