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More Problems…

Okay, I haven’t been COMPLETELY truthful with you guys… I am not entirely at peace with myself. I will explain the following problems why:

-I find myself weak. I have a friend, who’s way stronger than me. Every arm wrestling fight, it seems like I barely put anything into it. Whenever I need to carry heavy-ish stuff, it starts to hurt my arms. And, I think I barely have any muscles.

-I feel useless almost everywhere. On this blog, for example, I barely put up any new pages, ideas, etc. Trying to be a good friend: I think I give USELESS advice. Helping with dishes, chores, etc. I think I barely do ANYTHING useful!

-I have a weird personality. Some people think I’m weird. In a bad way. Some people call me weird in a good way, which I appreciate. I like being weird, in a nice way. But I can tell when people think I’m being weird, crossing the line, etc. etc.

-I hate myself sometimes. It’s true! In my head, whenever I did something wrong, even in the SMALLEST way possible, I talk down to myself, start to believe it, and think about hurting myself.

Please comment your answers to these questions (colors correspond to what I said):

Based on what I said, do you think I’m weak?

Do you think I am useless?

Do I have a bad personality?

Do you think I should believe what I say to myself? (the bad stuff I say)





Comments on: "More Problems…" (2)

  1. – No, It’s not about being physically strong,it doesn’t matter. It matters how strong you are as a person. If you want to be more physically strong then work out or something
    – Nope not at all. Useless is not making an effort at all, not even try. If you try , that’s what counts. Not doing chores,not useless just lazy…( I have the same problem :p)
    – weird bad? Nahh it’s alright if you’re different that’s just you being yourself. Bad personality? I don’t think so.
    – Everyone makes mistakes. You shouldn’t be so hard on your self. Don’t listen to the negative thoughts.Think more positive things.

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