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Summer Camp Out

Hey there little scouts! The Summer Camp is now open once again this year.

Go on and head over to the campgrounds and join fun activities like Canoeing,Fishing,Pillow Fights,roasting marshmallows,toasting hot dogs,and of course having fun!

Also, don’t miss out on the cool new ghost stories that are coming out soon.


First, I’ll start off with the Boys and Girls Limited Items. The only thing non members can get is the marshmallow accessory.



Now, we will be seeing some of our fishing costumes for both Boys and Girls and course the prizes.



And the prizes.



Now we will finally check out the cabins.


You can also do Pillow Fights but I was to lazy to show the info :/


In the cabin, there’s this letter left by Michelle and Zack to pull pranks on the boys and girls cabin.




We will show you guys how to do the pranks later. Here’s the shirt you can get for claiming the “Free Gift” bag.


Finally, we will show you how to pull the pranks. First, we will start with the girls then the boys.


Start by clicking the fruit basket and you will lipstick.


And here’s the results. Now on to the boys!



It’s alot similar to the girls but you click the bread basket and you will see a roll of toilet paper.


And here’s the results, toilet paper all over the girls cabin.

Well, that’s all little scouts. See ya!

~PookieChan ^^




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  1. There’s another prank for the girls. Click the flowers on the roof of the boy’s cabin 2-3 times

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