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Trying To Be Nicer

Hey everyone! Shine here. I’ve realized I have been mean to a girl named Cat. She runs a blog called Randomness By Moi. And so, I’m trying to be a lot nicer to EVERYONE. Whether that’s people online, friends, strangers, etc. So to act in this new niceness thing I’m trying, I am going to make a new page full of happy things! Hope you like the new page. 😉 Bye!


Sorry everyone. I just noticed that the page I was going to make was too close to the Quotes page. I can’t make the new page. Instead, I am going to make a Happy club page. Well, bye!


Comments on: "Trying To Be Nicer" (9)


  2. tickala said:

    Um… Are you freaked out or something?

  3. chocotato said:

    SO U WERE THE MEAN GIRL TAT CAT WAS TALKING ABOUT? !?!?!?!?!?! jsveoekdwvksvsksgwlsj! HOW COULD U? I tot u were nice…

    • tickala said:

      O.O Okay, look, I said I’m sorry, I’ve been going through some stuff. You can read the stuff on one of the stories on the stories page. Anyway, think of it this way. If you liked me before, and thought I was nice, am I any different now?

  4. garfield12394 said:

    nwo you aren’t shine… everyone who reads this, yes, she may have been mean to 1 girl, but she apologized at least! GIVE HER A BREAK!

    • tickala said:

      Thank you for believing in me, Garfield. I appreciate your effort to make me feel like a better person.

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