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Canada Day!

Hey Guys! Happy Canada Day :mrgreen: ! I know not a lot of my viewers are Canadian but Me and Pollee are, So is Jenny and Tara from Fantage Penguins and maybe some of you.

Today is the 146th anniversary of Canada. Canada Day is also referred to “Canada’s Birthday” .They officially started Canada Day on July 1st 1867. Canada Day  is usually celebrated throughout Canada.

A lot of Communities across Canada  would host events for Canada Day such as Parades,Picnics,and free concerts.The two signature colours of Canada is Red and White, that’s why all my writing is in Red :D.

Well, that’s all about Canada Day.Credits go to Wikipedia xD. Have a Happy Canada Day!


~Pookie-Chan ^~^ (Proud to be Canadian :mrgreen: )


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  1. tickala said:


  2. fantagepenguins said:

    WOO!!! GO CANADA!!!!

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