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Hey Guys! Happy here! Remember how I showed you my first ever recolour? Well, Here’s my second try.Thanks to the help of Shine, I managed to understand how to recolour. Thanks Shine :mrgreen: ! So, here’s my second recolour.

Recolour Template


~Happy4423 ^-^


Comments on: "Second Attempt on Recolouring" (5)

  1. The colors still need a bit blending together. A bit too contrast. Do you use pixlr or gimp?

  2. Shine-Bright(≧◡≦) said:

    Wow, this is WONDERFUL! Thanks for putting me in the post, too. It’s really, really good. Although, I think you should try a different color that goes with a lot of other colors. Perhaps green? Because green has a lot of colors that would blend in with it! 😀 Good luck on your next recolor.

  3. Anjoo😝 said:

    I may not really be the biggest fan of bright neon colours but this is just AWESOME :3

  4. SnivyS211 said:

    Wow, Iurrve art and new creations..I luv the effort and the cool mix and combinations of colors! I hope you do more! 😀

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