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Mysterious Island?

Haii Guys,Happy here! Did everyone notice the flyers on the ground?Well, I’m assuming they are constructing something new.Like a Island paradise or something :/.There’s a new island coming on June 13th, Look around Fantage, for more clues ^-^. Here’s some clues I found in the flyers.



Found in Downtown


First Clue: Look inside the telescope.The telescope is located in the Beach


In the telescope, You will see this.




Clue 2 was found Uptown and in the creature arena.



Clue 3 was found at the Carnival and the Wizard’s Domain.



Clue 4 was found outside of the Lighthouse and the Forest.



And the last clue was found at the Oasis and Mt.Fantage.



The arrow is pointing at the new island.

That’s all for now, Bye!

~Happy4423 ^-^



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