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My First Recolour

Haii Guys, Happy here! Today, I’m going to show you my first recolour. Cause I usually suck at recolouring. So, I decided to learn how to recolour! Comment below of what you think of it! Don’t say it’s absolute perfection ,like no. Just say what you think about it. Don’t say any negative comments.


Comments on: "My First Recolour" (7)

  1. Shine-Bright(≧◡≦) said:

    It looks pretty good for a beginner’s try. Although, I do think it’s a little bit off contrast, but other than that, it’s good. Well… Maybe you should work on your color choice. If you want me to show you how I do it, just tell me, and I’ll be glad to help. 😀

  2. Its really good for a beginner, you should have saw MY first recolor, ugh, disgusting (I mean mine). The colors don’t look very good together, try making the colors blend more together.

  3. it looks really good happy! and ik you don’t want me to say it but… if we had to compare each others in a contest, you would win! yours is perfection! sorry i had to… because yours is really great! i like it. Mine ish horrible 😦 Well… like i said sorry i said its perfection but i couldn’t help it. and anyways stay on the posotive side! you did great happy!

  4. Anjoo😝 said:

    I really personally really like it 😀 I just think you could’ve chosen colours which blend together and don’t contrast as they do now. However, there are no rough edges and your recolour looks professional, so it’s awesome for a first recolour…
    P.S: What program do you use for recolouring? I use paint and it takes FOREVER D:

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