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Hey Guys! Happy here! This new event is all about Kawaii getting a new date. She needs to choose from Zack,Static,Michael.and Captain Cody  You will also be able to vote for which guy Kawaii will get to go with. So far, Static is getting the most points. Vote for Captain Cody ! This event will last May 16th to May 22nd. For the limited items, I decided not wear them because they don’t look really nice. So I just wore the 2011 prom items! 

Limited Items:

Dance Costumes:

Dance with theses costumes in the Beach


Wear limited items to appear on the jumbotron

Take a ride in the limo.

Here are some of the prizes you could get if one of the boys win.

Now here are the ones the boys can get.

That’s all for this event, Bye!

~Happy4423 ^~^

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