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Fantage: at school?

We all play Fantage. It is a fun game that we all enjoy. But, at school, have you ever LONGED to use Fantage at the computer lab/period/?  Have you ever tried? Well, here are some arguments FOR and AGAINST this issue…


-Fantage is a kid-friendly website

-Some games on Fantage (like the games in the school) are educational

-Some kids who don’t like school MIGHT like it a bit more, because they get to play Fantage in school hours



-Fantage can be distracting

-Children might not listen to their teachers, because all they think about is fantage

-Fantage has dating and love references that some kids may  not allowed to be exposed to

-Having too many electronics at school is not a good thing

-Some kids might not be interested in Fantage and they might ask that THEIR favourite games be allowed to play

-Some school districts will not allow kids to play games like these.



This is just a fun argument, but it might give you some things to think about.

Comments on: "Fantage: at school?" (4)

  1. Shine-Bright(≧◡≦) said:

    I’m against having Fantage at school for all of your “AGAINST:” reasons.

  2. Quit bw a long time ago joined love fantage more bored p***** off and wanting to go on fantage at school xD anyone got a membership code?

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