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Mother’s Day 2013

Hey Guys! Happy here ! Happy Mother’s Day! Today on Fantage from May 9th to May 12th there is a new mother’s day event! In this event, you will be able to print out cards, buy cool limited items, and catch flowers. Also, be sure to stop by Bella’s and Stella’s Mom so you can show her your pets. You will also earn prizes for showing your pet.Magic Codes will be 30% off for the entire event, so buy them quick!

Here’s a picture of the limited items for this event

Buy new flower catching costumes to catch flowers. Catch flowers in the forest and in the castle.

Here is the picture of the prizes you can get after catching all the flowers.

Here is a picture of the prizes you can get after showing your pet to Bella’s and Stella’s Mom

Also look around Fantage for Zak so you can receive a new medal


You can find Zak at the Beach.

Also wear pet locked in fashion shows to earn bonus

That’s all about this event.Have a happy mother’s day! 😀


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  1. Happy sure does alot of posts! 😀 I wonder if pollee anything

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